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We are compliant with WEEE Directives and licensed by UK Environmental Agency.

We provide a reputable, responsible and viable form of WEEE reuse and recycling of which is both financially and environmentally friendly. We recognise the importance of recycling and we are committed to help prevent landfill through the re-use of electrical and electronic equipment. We achieve this in line with the EU's WEEE directive and fully comply with the legislation.We conduct confidential data destruction with fully compliant audit trail We are also proud that we are leading in providing reuse products to third world countries.

Unique Recyling Ltd Business Model

In the UK, we benefit from very high standards of living. Increasingly, we have become a wasteful, throwaway society. If we get bored with something (clothes, furniture, etc.), or if fashions change, or new technology comes along, we throw those unwanted items away and buy the latest or most fashionable replacement. Unique Recycling (UK) Ltd. We see this as an opportunity to convert one person's unwanted electrical item into another person's desirable product.

Unique Recycling also collects WEEE in all conditions, but has established a network of contacts, whereby WEEE that has been declared by its owners to be in working order, or that otherwise appears to be in good condition, is stored safely to be collected by Unique Recycling, or on their behalf by approved agents. Unique Recycling has WEEE compliance arrangements with site operators, in order to encourage them to cooperate with this process.

All electrical items collected, therefore, are considered to have a positive value from the moment they are collected from the site of origin. Unique Recycling do not charge a fee for collection/treatment/disposal, as long as the items have residual reuse value.

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Industry Wide Credentials:

LCRN Member

We are members of the LCRN (London community Resource Network).
The London Re-use Network has been set up by the London Community Resource Network to provide an integrated network of re-use and repair facilities which work together to deliver public and commercial re-use services.
AATF CERTFICATE: WEE/YE0006ZT/ATF (Environmental Agency Licence no:a000400172)
T11 (Premises Code no: OBO950)
Waste Carrier (Waste Carriers Licence no:CB/AE5496LB)
WEEE Directive (Working towards ISO 2000 Certification)